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BPC Diesel E90 335D / X5D M57 Swirl Flap Block Off Plates


Designer: BPC Motorsports

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Swirl Flaps are a factory designed component that produce a swirl of air to aid combustion when the engine is under light load.

This concept works great, until they fail, causing catastrophic damage. These devices are inside the intake manifold of the 335D and X5D. They are held in by two screws, and these screws can lose over time and cause them to enter the engine. 

When these enter the engine, they can get jammed in the intake valve, and enter the cylinder, ruining the head and block, and even make their way into the exhaust system. 

By installing these block-off's, you have the peace of mind that this will not happen to your engine. This extends the life of your car and eliminates a common fail point with these diesels. 

The plates go into the holes in place of the swirl flaps, and are a direct fit. These do not add performance, but they will fix an issue that you would definitely notice if it were to fail!


*Swirl Flap Block Off Plates Do Not Include Factory Intake Manifold Gaskets. *





**All Emissions removal products are STRICTLY FOR RACE USE ONLY**

Not for sale or use on any pollution controlled vehicle in the state of California.


According to the EPA Clean Air Act, they are illegal for use on any Federal, State, or Local public highways and illegal use is punishable by the penalties enacted by the mentioned laws. Bimmer Performance Center LLC, (the “Seller”),  does not condone or promote illegal use of these products. 

Bimmer Performance Center LLC sells products are capable of disabling & removing emissions equipment.  If using DPF/EGR removed tuning, this high performance product is intended SOLELY for closed-course racing use and is not street legal in ANY state. This product cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your local, state, and federal laws before purchasing!

 All DPF delete tuning products are STRICTLY FOR RACE USE ONLY!!

 Any tuning or calibrations that allow emissions removal are intended and developed for off-highway, race & competition use only!

 Some cold air intake systems and other performance products we sell are not legal for use in California or other states adopting California emission standards (Their CARB Exempt status is listed as “no").

 The seller does not condone illegal use of these products in any manner. Use at your own RISK!

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