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E30 S62 Swap

The Baddest E30 In the Carolinas!


Info: So, a friend had an e30 Coupe laying around and decided to give it to us (a shop) as a shop/project car. We decided to try to make it into a road race car. This is a first time project for us, so I thought it would be nice to share what we are doing and what we have learned along the way. We thought a v8 in a tiny little car like this would be pretty fun, so we took a m60 from a e34 540i and rebuilt it/cleaned it. It's got to stay all BMW parts, otherwise it's just not fun. Believe it or not, the v8 M60 actually weighs 80lbs less than a S54 and is a shorter engine.




  • 1990 e30 318is
  • e34 M60 non vanos V8, near stock. Only mods are a m62 intake, 24lbs injectors, & a custom BPC Motorsports tune ;)
  • e36 m3 back-half / full suspension swap
  • e36 4 piston 4 piston brembo calipers
  • e90 Rims w/ Track tires
  • e30 m3 Body Kit
  • Weight: 2860 w/ driver
  • Power Numbers: 275rwhp / 280rwtq

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The First Outing



  • Project E30 gets a M5 S62 heart transplant.
  • Strut towers were reworked.
  • A used S62 motor was gone though for a full refresh including a new set of high performance rod bearings.
  • Exhaust modifications made to fit into the tight space of the engine bay and lead out to new dual Spintech mufflers.
  • BimmerWorld Differential Cooler kit installed along with a newer rear differential and gears.
  • Custom fuel rails were adapted to the already ran full fuel system.
  • Secondary ram air box fabricated and installed for the additional air intake.
  • New oil lines run to a remote oil filter, Oil pressure & temperature sensor.

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    Check out our video's of the BPC E30 on YouTube 



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