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Eric's M52 Twin Turbo


Info Eric B. (aka Turbo Squirrel) is BPC's shop fabricator and this is his project car. It started life as a 1995 e36 328i 4 door, and now has been transformed into a full blown track car with a n54 twin turbo setup converted to fit on a m52 head. Custom intercool/rad support have been made along with a full roll cage all built in house. Brakes, suspension have also been updated to handle the 400+hp thats coming to this old girl soon.

  • ReBuilt M52 with h beam rods and stock compression pistons
  • Custom built m54 exhaust manifolds with stock spec n54 twin turbos vban
  • Custom external waste gates
  • BPC built roll cage
  • BPC built exhaust
  • BPC Tune


M5x block and head used with H-beam rods, stock style pistons, all stock gaskets and a set of S52 cams.The M54 manifolds are fitted with stock N54 Turbos and custom external wastegates with the stock wastgate port welded closed.The external waste gate dump is set up to exit via a screamer tube behind the passenger side front wheel. The exhaust is a full 3.5in stainless steel system starting at the fabbed up y-pipe all the way to rear tip. The depinned main wiring harness has been cut of all non essential items and runs through custom firewall block offs and along the inside rocker panel of passenger compartment. The stock diagnostic port and DME were repositioned for easy access when checking trouble codes or making tune adjustments. The factory center consol and dash were ditched in favor of light weight aluinum set up with a main switch panel and mount to use the stock cluster. Pedals were switched out for an overhung Tilton setup with remoste mount resorivors for front/back brake and clutch. Custom mounting and aero was set up for intercooler and radiator along with all lines needed for oil and cooling of the n54 turbos. Full custom cage installed with provision for front driver and passenger side seating. Aero will continue with front and rear splitters and heat extractor vents in hood for radiator air intake for turbos.

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