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F10 535d N57 Diesel Development

A little over two years ago we had the best opportunity come in our shop. We had a brand new, straight from the dealer F10 535d transported to our front door. The car was so new the customer had not even seen it yet but the customer knew that we were the best in the BMW diesel world and wanted the most power out of his N57 diesel. 

With less than 10 miles on the odometer we had the best platform to start with and to begin the process of BETA testing and building knowledge and experience. 

It didn't take too long before we had this F10 535d strapped down to our dyno and ready to start making some base line pulls. 






Base line pulls ended up making about the same as the E90 M57 diesel with numbers coming in at 238rwhp / 405rwtq. 


Soon thereafter we unleashed Bob to custom tune the N57 and creating our own in house Stage 1 Dyno Tune and the the very first tune for the N57 F10 platform. This was the beginning of something huge and we were at the forefront of innovation and technology. 



Bobs Stage 1 N57 tune picked up 62 horsepower and almost 70 ft/lbs at the rear wheels which is very impressive for a single turbocharged BMW diesel engine. 

Next we moved on to producing a Stage 2 tune. This would require modifications to the exhaust and other components to allow for optimal engine efficiency and performance. Dyno result for Stage 2 yielded 308 horsepower and 519ft/lbs at the rear wheels.

After getting everything working correctly with Stage 2, Bob moved onto Stage 3 which requires meth injection to be installed. With Stage 3 we found that the stock turbocharger tapers off so much boost that a progressive controller is not beneficial which means no gains were really seen. 


Our progress continued to grow as we entered Stage 4 territory. With Stage 4 we were able to see larger gains with a hybrid turbocharger and an upgraded intercooler using meth injection. The stock turbocharger was sent out for larger intake and exhaust wheels. With properly matched housings we were rewarded with a nice boost curve that was able to stay steady across the rpm band instead of tapering off like we saw 

Hybrid turbo w/ meth and upgraded intercooler

The stock turbo was sent out for larger intake and exhaust wheels with proper matching of the housings and we were rewarded with a nice boost curve that was able to keep steady across the rpm band instead of tapering off. Because of the new curve the meth injection was able to help out more but more boost will still be beneficial to the N57 motor. 
For max effort a new Wagner intercooler was installed and yielded another 10rwhp. 


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